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San Antonio Commercial Locksmith Service

The commercial locksmith technicians on our staff are educated on the best route of action to properly install and maintain security systems built specifically for businesses. A good commercial locksmith understands the specific security requirements for your business and has the expertise needed not just to implement it but also give the right recommendations. This is the person you need when the locks at various entry and exit points malfunction or cannot find the keys to your office or warehouse.

A professional locksmith also possesses the skills and knowledge needed to install more technical security systems on your commercial property. Whether you run a small restaurant or an industrial complex, you can always count on the best San Antonio Commercial Locksmiths for all of your security needs. We also specialize in replacing cylinders, rekeying locks, and any other issues with panic-bars, locks and keys.

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Consumer Focused Business Locksmith

All businesses require properly functioning door locks. Without a properly working lock system, your business could be left vulnerable to theft or potential damage. Our team of well trained professional San Antonio Commercial Locksmiths understand that your security concerns may be different from that of other businesses, even if you offer identical products or services. That’s why we tailor each job to your individual needs and do our very best to make sure those needs are met. We work for you and with to meet your unique needs and requests to ensure that your business is as safe and secure as it can possibly be. Having been in the locksmith industry for several years now, we understand what it takes to handle the security needs of different types of businesses and the challenges involved. Count on us to provide the high quality services that you need to keep your business secure.

Our Commercial Services

Master Keys

We specialize in master key systems.  Free on-site consultations.

High Security

Locksmith San Antonio can help you decide on a high security lock.

Business Unlocks

Locked out of your building? We pick locks and unlock doors!

Door Closers

San Antonio, TX commercial door closer sales and installation. 

Panic Bars

We repair, replace and install panic bars for you commercial doors. 


Can't lock up? Key broke off in the lock? We can help no mater the time.

Other Services

Are traditional locks not enough to keep you sleeping sound at night knowing your business is safe? We offer premium commercial grade security system installation services at a fraction of the price of our competitors. A member of our team can walk you through the best option to fit your business and install top notch technology to make sure your business and property are always protected.

Time is money, which is why if you’ve locked yourself out of your business there’s only one place to call. We can have someone sent out to your immediately. Commercial lockout services come first on our list since we understand that every minute you’re not open or stuck waiting around for a locksmith to arrive is potential money lost for your business. As soon as you call us, we’ll have a lockout expert on their way to you.

We repair, replace and install all types of commercial locks. If you cant lock up or you are locked out, give Locksmith San Antonio a call any time of the night or day for fast professional service. Our San Antonio commercial locksmiths are trained in every aspect of business lock, key and security services. Finding and expert business locksmith in San Antonio is no easy task but you are in great hands with us. 


24 Hour Assistance

Your business should be protected and secured every passing minute of the day, and a reputable locksmith is the way to ensure that. At San Antonio Commercial Locksmith, we offer round-the-clock services, every day of the week. Most companies close down at night, leaving 10-12 hours of the evening open to disaster. Unfortunately, most security emergencies happen when you least expect them, so waiting until morning might not be an option. That’s where we come in. Our locksmiths are on call and ready to help at any hour of the day. Whether you call us very early in the morning to help you fix the lock issue that is preventing you and your employees from accessing the building or late at night to help with the annoying lock that cannot just lock the door properly, we are always at your service.

Insured and Licensed Locksmith Services

All of our technicians are licensed and insured. Which is one of the many reasons we rise above our competitors. We take our job and reputation very seriously which is why we don’t hire just anyone. When a technician from our team is sent out to you for any service, you can rest assured that the locksmith is properly trained, certified and insured. Don’t leave your businesses safety in the hands of a stranger without valid licensing, trust the best in the business.

Experience Matters

Our company is committed to providing top notch locksmith services. We only recruit certified and highly experienced lock specialists that go above and beyond. Each and every one of our locksmiths takes pride in their years of experience repairing all types of locks which is what gives them the ability to quickly find solutions to unique challenges in their line of work.

All of our locksmiths are required to attend vocational training from time to time to ensure they are updated on any emerging issues in the locksmith industry. The workshops also give them an opportunity to sharpen their skills further. Between the years of experience they have and the constant training to keep them up to date on the best new techniques and equipment on the scene, you can count on our professional locksmiths to make sure things are done right.

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When To Call A Commercial Locksmith

Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your business, or need the locks changed due to a disgruntled ex-employee, we’re here to help find solutions fast and affordably. When dealing with something as important as a business, it’s best to let the professionals handle things. One mistake and you could end up complicating things and costing yourself more in unnecessary additional repair fees or worse, you could let your business be left in danger. Don’t take the risk of your commercial property being left in harms way. Let the professionals help bring you peace of mind and give us a call today.