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A properly locked your home is your Castle until you wind up keyless on the outside of it. Then you need the services of a skilled San Antonio residential locksmith -- that's us. We're ready 24/7 to provide our expert house unlock services when you don't have your keys or your key has broken in the lock. There are plenty of ways we can help keep your home secure, too:

  • Lockout Service
  • Rekeying
  • Lock Installation and Repair
  • Smart Locks
  • Mailboxes, Safes and more...

A Local San Antonio, TX House Locksmith for Your Home Security Needs

A professional locksmith is held to high standards since it is the security of the community that depends on his or her services. With a thorough knowledge of modern and not-so-modern lock and key systems, door security features, and lock installation, we're the ones to turn to for your safety and convenience.

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When It Comes To Home Security We Do It All!

Many homeowners only deal with a locksmith when they purchase their home, having the locks rekeyed after they take possession -- and some don't even do that. The first time that they think about their home's security is when crime hits close to home. We can provide a review of your home's locks and security, and perform any repairs or upgrades that you want to make sure that your home is both secure from others and easily accessible to you.

When you're locked out of your home may be the first time we meet. In fact, if your keys are locked in your car, we might unlock that for you instead. If your keys are nowhere to be found, we'll come over quickly, night or day, and help you get into your house in a civilized manner. No radical solutions required. If you're concerned about who has your keys, we can also rekey the lock so lost keys can't be used.

By changing the lock cylinder we can leave your locks as they are and make new keys to access your home. It's a simple way to handle lost keys, concern about who may have a key, or even repairing a troublesome lock that's hard to use. You know the kind, where you push the key in almost all the way but not quite, or jiggle it as you turn.

For a change of style, a security upgrade, or replacing a damaged lock, we're the ones to turn to. We don't just replace your existing lock with a new one -- we make sure it fits right, works correctly, and looks good. We can add a deadbolt for extra security, install specialty locks, and provide matching front and back door locks so you only need one key to get in.

Many people are replacing their home entrance locks with smart locks. These can be simple code-operated locks so you don't always need a key and can provide guests with a changeable code. They can also be WiFi-based smart home locks. Whatever your lock installation needs, we have the skills to install them right.

If you have slow locks, fussy locks, and ones which eventually get so stubborn that your key breaks off, why haven't you called us already? We can lubricate, repair, and rekey the lock as needed. We can also replace it entirely and make coming home or turning back for a quick double-check on the coffee maker a simple task. You don't need to struggle.

If you're especially concerned about your home's security, we can help with the physical protection using high-security lock systems. We'll also recommend special secure doors if you like, to make sure that you can rest easy. We can also help with securing your garage and outbuildings, managing your home safe's lock, and even putting in a locking mailbox.

More Residential Services


Locked out of your home or vehicle? We can help! Rapid response unlock services.

Key Duplication

Need keys copied? Lost your keys and need new ones? Give us a call, we can help.

Lock Change

We change and rekey locks on site at your location. Who has a copy of your keys?

Key Extraction

Key broke off in the lock? We extract keys that have broken off inside of the lock. 

Lock Repair

Can't lock up? Key just spins in the lock? We provide expert lock repair services.  

Lock Installation

Bought a new lockset at the local hardware or box store? Let us install it for you. 

Top Rated San Antonio Residential Locksmith

Nothing beats the feeling of having secure locks protecting your house, except knowing that you've got help on call if you're locked out. As your preferred San Antonio, TX residential locksmith, we're here for you to help when you're locked out of your home. We also have the experience to provide services you need to keep your home safe and secure with professional locksmithing you trust. Call us anytime at xxx-xxx-xxxx, and make sure to keep our number on speed dial -- just in case.